About Us

Welcome to Majik Tree – where Market Meets Resources

Majik Tree is an online stop for farmers and buyers to sell and buy fruit and wines without facing the market hassles. Getting your business products and services online has a myriad of advantages as it makes reaching the budding buyer easier, thereby helping producers or farmers increase their sales

We at Majik Tree are not just limited to local buyers of fruit and wines; we help our local suppliers get their customers or buyers both from a national and an international market. Just by paying a minimal fee to us, farmers can eradicate the trouble they face while searching for reliable buyers and vice versa. In order to get your business enlisted in our online directory, we require a Letter of Support from you. Majik Tree simplifies the job for farmers and buyers by bringing them to a global platform.

Why put your farming business online?

We understand that Farmers and Wine Producers play a major role in our everyday life. Henceforth, we are striving to put the farmer’s business into the global market to acquire large numbers of buyers. By putting your business online, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Buyers can find farmers and fulfil their requirements
  • Farmers can increase their sales
  • Farming businesses can achieve global recognition and connect with a range of buyers
  • Resources become easily available
  • Eliminate the problems faced in the physical market
  • Both national and international buyers get access to the business

From Buyers Perspective:

  • You get reliable suppliers for your business
  • You get a huge range of options of sellers for both fruit and wines
  • You don’t have to deal with the problems normally faced when finding suppliers
  • A completely transparent and secure transaction
  • The procedure is offered through PayPal & Bank Transfers
  • Streamline your sales, save time and increase the product range.

From Sellersperspective:

  • Streamlines the search for reliable buyers
  • Improves the sales rate
  • Your business gets global visibility
  • Suppliers can concentrate on growing produce with sales streamlined
  • A completely transparent and secure transaction
  • The procedure is offered through PayPal & Bank Transfers

Why choose Majik Tree?

Majik Tree works both for the suppliers and the buyers of fruit and wines, through simplifying the procedure for both parties and increasing their income.

Majik Tree is rewarded by the successful relationships between farmers and companies so they work hard and strive for excellent results, benefiting everyone involved.

Commission on sales is normally 15%, however we charge 10% to suppliers for the entire product range

Our Payment Procedure

Our customers are our prime concern and this is the reason why, for your convenience, we charge 60% of the total amount while booking with us and the remaining 40% can be payed after the delivery. Helping your business grow helps us grow as well.

Our payment procedure is conducted through PayPal & Bank Transfers.